Portraiture is the mixture of the science of light, and magic of the soul. It is the combined effort of a photographer and a model to convey both beauty and character in a single image.

“I love shooting portraits. There is something magical about capturing the spirit and character of a model in an image. The excitement of working with someone else and creating something intriguing is always a treat to me. “

Whether you’re looking for headshots for an upcoming audition, graduation portraits for their senior year, executive portraits for an article, family portraits, etc… In your consultation we can craft a photoshoot that can exceed your needs.

A baseline portrait shoot generally consists of a consultation, two to three looks.(wardrobe/make-up changes). and 1-2 images per look.

Prices… (all prices are per person, approximate and do not count in property variables)
Session fee $150
Shot fee $1 (50 shot minimum – 25 min per look)
Makeup – $50 per look (2 look minimum)
Prop fees (varies)
Group session (2 or more) $200+


Additional Services