Bringing to light, the life of an inanimate or still object. Bringing to focus, your products and message thru shadow, props and a little photo magic.

“Commercial photography is wonderfully rewarding, There’s something musical about manuevering all the parts together to create an amazing commercial image. The viewer really has to be able to connect with the message.”

With a range of product, food, and fashion, we can craft an image that not only sells, but compels.

A baseline commercial shoot generally consists of a consultation, two to three scenes.(decor/lighting changes). and 1-2 images per scene.

Prices… (all prices are per item, approximate and do not count in property variables, scene costs, mileage etc…)

Session fee… $150
Shot fee… $1 (50 shot minimum – 25 min per scene)
Set/Arrangement Fee – $50 per scene (2 scene minimum)
Prop Fees (varies)


Additional Services