About Deviant Exposure

Deviant Exposure is the culmination of artistic expression and creativity from the mind of Eric Chauvin.

For over 20 years Eric has been creating imagery to compel and stimulate the senses. With a taste towards the edgy, and surreal he works to bring his special “touch” to every piece he creates.

What’s with the name “Deviant Exposure”?

I wanted to find a name that defines me, and what I do, and since Websters™ defines the words “Deviant” and “Exposure” as:

de·vi·ant [dee-vee-uhnt]

  • adjective 
    – deviating or departing from the norm; characterised by deviation: deviant social behaviour.
  • noun
    – a person or thing that deviates or departs markedly from the accepted norm. 

ex·po·sure [ik-spoh-zher]

  • noun
    – the act of exposing.
    – the fact or state of being exposed.
    – Photography
       a.  the act of presenting a photosensitive surface to rays of light.
       b.  the total amount of light received by a photosensitive surface or an area of such a surface,
    expressed as the product of the degree of illumination and the period of illumination.
    c.  the image resulting from the effects of light rays on a photosensitive surface.

then those that know me and my style all agreed that it fit perfectly for my business name.

Are you the kid in the logo? (everybody asks)

That is a talented young model named Jacob Knight. Back when I was just getting started again, he modelled for me. He was 9 years old and sporting a great Mohawk. In one shot he gave an awesome scream for me, and it became a part of my portfolio and logo for some time as I grew. It’s always been a favourite of mine and represents my vision as both a business and an artist.

You talk funny sometimes. Where were you born and raised? Where have you put down roots?

I was officially born in Newport Beach, California, but spent my youth going between Southern California and Louisiana. I may be a city boy at heart, but a Southern gentleman is my foundation.

What type of photography do you shoot? What type of photography are you most passionate about shooting?

While the majority of my work is portraiture and commercial, I shoot a little of everything from Fashion and Beauty to Editorial, Events, Weddings and the occasional Boudoir. My personal favourite will always be Fine Art, and it is where I express myself the most, but I am always looking forward to the next artistic challenge.

How long have you been a Photographer? What led you to this profession?

Ever since I could hit the button on my first 110 camera at 8 years old I’ve been taking pictures. I have thousands of photos from my childhood (just almost none with me in them – because I was holding the camera). Then in High School, I took a couple courses and acquired my first SLR. It was all happy shooting madness from then on.

Do you have brand loyalty for Canon, Nikon or something completely different?

There is no brand loyalty in my camera bag, I seem to have something from every company. My main camera these days is a Canon 5D mk II, but also use a Minolta for backups, and love shooting on wide format as well.

Is there a place you have never been that you long to visit and yearn to photograph?

Surprisingly I have never been to Detroit. The reclamation of Nature over civilisation is always of extreme interest to me.

Are your photography skills self-taught or were you classically trained?

Both. Studying photography in High School and College taught me the basics of photography and post processing. Practising on my own taught me more about lighting and what will work. I think trial and error is a great approach in the beginning until you get what you are after.

What inspires you as a photographer?

I draw inspiration from everything around me. I’m always looking for interesting locations, people and subjects to shoot in them.

What is the very first camera you ever owned?

My first camera was my mother’s hand me down Kodak 110 and I used it for years until it finally broke. I believe I still have it somewhere. I even have some old rolls of undeveloped 110 images locked away hoping to develop them someday (soon I hope).

What piece of equipment do you have with you on every shoot?

Gaffer’s tape. Whether I am shooting on location, in studio, product or fashion, this stuff comes to my rescue all the time. It’s magical stuff.

Why should we choose you over another photography agency?

The best answer I can give is “because you like me”. Working with a photographer is a personal experience.  Whether it’s a fashion shoot, a product shot, or an artistic venture, paid photography is a collaboration of minds and ideas. I pride myself in working with others to not only capture their vision but to add my energy to it as well.